Friday, June 12, 2020

The Guy From The Flower Shop

The Guy From The Flower Shop, a first date sweet romance short story, was my first release from back in May. Gosh, that feels like ages ago now, doesn't it?

The story centres on Su-Li, a bubbly 20-something on the verge of turning cynical after one too many bad dates. After her cousin points out that she needs a little help meeting guys outside her usual "type", Su agrees to go on a blind date with Chris, a guy from one of the fancier flower shops around Somerville Downs.

This sweet little story is a quick and easy read, written to go with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. It's available for free for my newsletter subscribers.

Excerpt from "The Guy From The Flower Shop"

Su-Li wasn’t sure about this. Even after chewing it over for a month before agreeing to this blind date, then spending the last week making peace with her decision, she still wondered if she should have said no.

But Rachel just wouldn’t shut up about how lovely this Chris guy was. She campaigned so hard, Su-Li wondered if her cousin was secretly working on commission. She knew next to nothing about him, except that he worked in the fancy flower shop in Greenmount. And, if she was being honest, posh florists weren’t really the kinds of guys she went for.

But what convinced her in the end was Rach’s blunt and painful truth. That all the guys Su had ever dated or gone out with—aka. gone up in flames with—had one thing in common besides being jerks: Su had chosen them herself.

Fine, so she was attracted to a certain type. If the dates didn’t end up turning into debates, it was his self-absorbed “I’m always right” attitude that ended up eventually killing her attraction to the guy. She thought she’d picked a winner with Mike, her last boyfriend, the one she’d crossed the four-month mark with. But that ended badly too.

Su took a deep breath and put away the pang in her chest, distracting herself by chipping old paint off the park bench where she sat. Mike had said some hurtful things when they broke up, things she struggled to forget. Even as she waited for Chris to arrive, she contemplated texting her ex to ask if he wanted to meet up later.

But when she opened her messaging app, she pictured her cousin, stern-faced and shaking her head, telling Su off once again for picking a loser and letting him get under her skin. Good ol’ Rach, always looking out for her.

“Excuse me, are you Su-Li?”

Su looked up at the pale, plain-looking guy with a tidy head of red curls. He had on a light-blue, short-sleeved button-down shirt, fitted khakis rolled up above the ankle, and white Cons.

Though he stood kind of awkwardly, not really facing her directly but not turned away either, Su was curious that he had a sense of style. She felt a little under-dressed in her tan polo shirt, black skater skirt and sandals.

Cautiously, she stood up, slung her denim jacket over one arm and offered her hand. “That’s me. You must be Chris.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” His smile was awkward as well. Nervous, Su supposed, and to her surprise, she found herself a little nervous too as they small-talked their way across the street.

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