Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Collections from days gone by

Here are just some of the many things I used to collect when I was younger:
  1. Stamps
  2. Coins
  3. Bottle caps
  4. My Little Pony
  5. Barbie clothes (not the dolls, just the clothes)
  6. Embroidery thread
  7. Notebooks
  8. Cute erasers
  9. Stickers
  10. Teapots
  11. Family photos
  12. JPGs of my favourite celebrities
  13. Animated GIFs
  14. Funny email forwards
  15. Odd socks
  16. Porcelain figures
  17. Baby-Sitters Club books
  18. Soft toys
  19. Sticks (yup!)
  20. Slap bands
Over the years, I realised most of these objects were only valuable to me as seeds for my imagination or emotions. Those stamps inspired me to imagine faraway lands. The celebrity JPGs made me come up with daydream stories and possible (though improbable) futures. And the likes of BSC books transported me to other worlds where you always had good friends, new experiences, and happy endings.

So these days, I collect experiences, memories and little reminders—usually in the form of journal ephemera and photos. The one thing hoarding tendency I've not been able to shake is for notebooks. But given my choice of career, I guess that's no surprise 😄


  1. JPEGs and GIFs are very cool things to collect!

    My <a href="”>post</a>.

    1. I think so too, Lydia! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Wow you collect a lot of things. I have the barbie dolls for your clothes. LOL Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.

    1. LOL Tena 😂 Sounds like we would have made a great team.


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