Monday, August 3, 2020

Goals for August 2020

Since a ton of worky work has landed in my lap this month (and will probably carry on into next month), I'm taking it easy for August with just a few very manageable goals.

But first, how did July go?
  1. Send my July newsletter on time (10th)
  2. Draft 2 chapters for The Guy From The Internet 🤯
  3. Draft 1 chapter for The Guy From The Library
  4. Maintain a schedule of 3 blog posts per week 🙌
So, I didn't just draft 2 chapters for "The Guy From The Internet". I finished the whole first draft! That was unexpected. And right now, I'm high as a kite on the two sweetest words in a writer's vocabulary: "The End".

My goals for August:

  1. Send my August newsletter on time (4th—tomorrow!)
  2. Edit "The Guy From The Internet"—I really feel like this will happen.
  3. Watch a lovey dovey movie on Netflix
  4. Treat myself to avocado toast 🥑
What are your goals for this month?

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