Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How I decide what to read next

Undoubtedly, I am a mood reader. Which makes it challenging to do all the reading one must do in a writing career.

To me, books are kind of like people, and reading like meeting up with them. Can I blame a book for being "bad" if I'm the one who half-heartedly turned up to our date? I've read reviews of books that sounded as if the reader picked them up out of obligation and kind of resented having to read. That's like a relationship destined to fail.

I don't want to read that way. School was the worst matchmaker and kind of sucked the fun out of reading. Few of my English teachers seemed to care about the texts they assigned us too, so it might have been contagious. Now as a sort-of adult type person, my first priority is forming an emotional connection with a book before I even start.

These are the questions I ask:
  • Do I identify, relate to, or sympathise with anything in this story?
  • Do I have a connection to, infatuation for, or admiration for the author or parties this book represents?
  • Will I learn something new or learn to appreciate something I already know in a new way?
  • Will reading this book feel like time well spent?
  • Will this book help me understand or relate better to someone I care about?
How about you? How do you decide what to read next? If you've written your own blog post about it, link it in the comments so I can check it out 😄


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  1. Treating it like showing up to a date already invested is a great way to look at reading. I've seen so many reviews of people saying a book wasn't their usual genre and then rating it bad.

  2. Your list of criteria makes a lot of sense to me!

    My <a href="lydiaschoch.com/wednesday-weekly-blogging-challenge-how-i-decide-what-to-read-next/”>post</a>.


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