Thursday, December 10, 2020

My favourite Christmas traditions

Christmas will be unusual this year. Our local family presence is thin on the ground, and I expect there'll be virtual shenanigans going on... or not! Who knows?

Even though we're used to dealing with distance, 2020 feels like an odd one — what with moods and other prevailing elements in the mix.

Then again, Christmas is unusual anyway these days. We're older and busier, our tastes have changed and relationships evolved. Favourite faces have disappeared while new ones have joined us. Such is life, and the Christmas traditions I once loved have all but disappeared:
  • Extended family under one roof
  • Christmas lights all over the living room
  • Recording sing-alongs and silly home movies
  • Sleepovers with my cousins
  • Grandma laughing at us over her coffee
Don't worry, this isn't a sad blog post. There's beauty in change. That we no longer celebrate in the same way is kind of nice, like the way flower buds blossom and later become fruit.

One of my favourite holiday traditions of modern times is actually not Christmassy at all: sending emoji-laden text messages to every group chat I'm a part of.

Okay, maybe it's ridiculous. But it brings us together; friends, family — regardless of age, generation, location, device, disposition, or pop culture preferences.

And that's what Christmas means to me.

Photo by Lucie Liz from Pexels

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