Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday, January 22, 2021

Keeping warm?! It's thirty-something degrees outside!

When I was twelve, there was a brief patch of time where I was obsessed with finding out whether people preferred to be warm in winter or cool in summer. I had just moved to temperate Perth from an equatorial hometown and all my seasons were topsy turvy.

While Perth certainly gets muggy weather, it pales in comparison to the climate I grew up in. We had humid summers and humid winters, though up there in the tropics of the Northern Hemisphere, we just call it "the weather" and "hot".

So, arriving in Australia, I was immediately enamoured with this thing called winter, where you could stand outdoors and feel like someone left the air-conditioner on. I was absolutely a "warm in winter" kind of person.

Reverse-cycle AC was my usual way of keeping warm until I moved out of home at twenty-one. Since then, I've preferred this creature comfort in a less push-button way — not that there's anything wrong with mod-cons.

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

I dress in thermals on a cold day, drink lots of tea and warm water, eat spicy foods, get strategic with doors and windows to trap heat, even cajoled my partner into helping me make giant slankets so we could stay bundled up no matter what we were doing.

But I think my most favoured way of keeping warm is a little psychological trick. It frustrates me when circumstances don't change, so when a Perth winter lingers beyond a joke, I get very, very angry 😡 My rage drives me to move constantly, sometimes vigorously with angst, raising my overall body temperature.

Then I pop my slanket on to trap the heat and remain warm for hours ☺️

Right now our Southern Hemisphere mid-January day is working its way up to a hot thirty-something degrees. At the ever-advancing age of thirty-something myself, I'm very much over the novelty of winter's chill. I'm a "cool in summer" person now and love this blasted season.

Except when it goes for too long.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Who inspired Holly from "The Guy From The Internet"

Ah, Holly, a girl after my own heart. She's the narrator-protagonist from my multicultural contemporary romance, "The Guy From The Internet".

And if I'm being honest, I never originally intended to write a little piece about her here, but I felt kind of bad that I posted about Richard when Holly gets way more air time and her transformation is much more dramatic. So, here's the story behind the main character...

Holly Chee is my imperfect heroine. She's not an "actually-brilliant-but-under-confident Mary-Sue" or "a blank slate until a man makes something of her".

She's a snapshot of someone who probably let herself down a few too many times. She wrestles with a clash of values, organically grown insecurities, and an ex who seriously needs to be cancelled. She's a creative mid-twenties kid who's swimming against the tide, relying on skills she's still learning and her own dogged determination to pull herself out of her rut.

Holly was partially inspired by the kids I've known who took their growing up into their own hands. Not content to retreat into comfort and familiarity, they blossomed under acknowledgement, rose to challenges, and overcame every obstacle. For them, the only way out was through.

There's a part of me that wishes I could have been more like her when I was her age. But I'm unfortunately more stubborn, self-destructive and slower off the mark.

I wrote Holly for the person I used to be, the person I might have been, and for the people who may yet be like her, if only they had a little encouragement.

"The Guy From The Internet" is coming soon to Kindle Unlimited.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Goals for Jan 2021

I've not had the energetic start to the year I was hoping for. But that's okay. I read somewhere that it's best to ease back into normal life, so as not to undo the benefits of taking a break. That's wisdom I'm living by for the moment.

But still, I have goals:

  1. Work on the paperback edition of "The Guy From The Internet"
  2. Stick to my blog schedule of at least two posts per week
  3. Announce this weekend's super special promo on my Facebook page (if you got this month's newsletter, you'll already know what it is!)

That's it for this month. What are your goals?

Friday, January 1, 2021

Latest on my blog

Out Now: The Guy from the Internet

A sweet romance with a touch of family drama.

Holly Chee does not have her life together. She's flip-flopped on uni courses and career choices, and somehow scared off her long-term fiancée-to-be, much to the chagrin of her immigrant parents.

But she does have her streaming channel, where she broadcasts her art from her one-bedroom Mount Lawley apartment. And she has that guy from France... assuming he's even who he says he is.

The Guy From The Internet is a sweet #OwnVoices Asian-Australian romance novella, set in the world of Somerville Downs.

Now available on Amazon in digital and paperback.

Would you like to sample my work?

The Guy From the Library is a sudden puppy short story, free for my newsletter subscribers, available now on StoryOrigin.