Friday, February 26, 2021

The Guy From The Wedding — Chapter 6


Before Laura knew what was happening, her full glass of pink bubbly tipped clean over and spilled all over Bec Lam’s lap. Bec’s face froze in a look of astonishment.

Beside her, Li-Xia clutched the tiered platter of tiny cakes, her whole body seeming to cringe around her culprit elbow that knocked over the drink, while Vanessa’s perfectly manicured right hand remained clamped firmly over her own mouth in shock.

“Bec, I’m so sorry.” Li-Xia’s voice was low and slow in a deathly whisper.

“So cold…”

Laura tossed Bec a tea towel as she stood up gingerly and waddled he way to the bathroom.

Vanessa burst into giggles as soon as the door shut. “Oh, poor Bec! Lix, you’re the worst.”

“Shut up, Ness. I didn’t do it on purpose! You know how clumsy I get when it’s that time.”

“And it’s the best entertainment every time.” Vanessa gave Li-Xia a reassuring pat on the shoulder, then carefully extracted the platter from her friend’s hands. “But I’ll just be taking these now, thank you.”

With a sigh, Li-Xia turned to Laura, who already had another tea towel in hand, mopping the spill on the floor. “So, as I was saying—“

“Before you ruined everything?”

“Yes, that… How was Sarah’s wedding? I haven’t seen her in years.”

“It was all right.” Laura shrugged.

“Was there a singles table?”

“A couple. Mine had like, eight people?”


“And what?”

“Don’t give me that, girl! And did you meet anyone?”

“Hell yeah, she did!” came Bec’s voice from the bathroom. “Tell them about Brown Eyes, Laur.”

“Brown Eyes, hey?” Li-Xia practically sparkled at her, as Vanessa sidled up and made it very obvious that she was listening.

Laura rolled her eyes. “Don’t get your hopes up, guys. Bec’s just excited cos he was a massive tool and it put me in a foul mood and so I left.”

“Oh. Well, that was an anti-climax. I thought you were actually going somewhere with this. Like, sparks flew, you two rage-danced like in Pulp Fiction and then you went home with him after.”

“Or…!” Bec came bounding in, smelling like traces of sparkling rosé and clutching something in her hand. With a gleeful grin, she opened it up to reveal her lucky find, an unfastened bracelet made of braided leather, adorned with a single wooden bead. “This doesn’t look like one of yours, Laurie Loo.”

“Uh, that’s clearly a man’s bracelet,” Vanessa declared.

“So…” If Li-Xia could sparkle harder, she would have combusted in the kitchen. “Rage-dancing?”

Laura chewed her tongue with a cheeky smile on her face. It’s not that she left the bracelet out on purpose after finding in the soap dish in the shower, but she wasn’t exactly rushing to hide it either. After so long, it was nice to have a guy story that didn’t end in disaster, even if it didn’t end in very much at all.

“OK, so, he did come back here, but it’s not what you’re thinking, so get your mind out of the gutter.”

“Uh huh, so that’s why there’s a man’s bracelet sitting damp on your bathroom sink?” Bec waved it at her.

“It’s a long and not very interesting story.” Laura snatched the bracelet and wrapped it in a paper napkin.

As they sat around the living room, nibbling and half-watching  She relayed the events of the previous night, leaving nothing out, not even the part where he caught her staring twice and said nothing about it.

“Maybe I’ve been out of the game too long, Laur, but he doesn’t sound like a bad guy to me.” Vanessa punctuated her statement with a sip of rosé.

Li-Xia nodded. “Yeah, why didn’t you get his number?”

“Well, the thought crossed my mind. But like I said to Bec, I want some time to myself for awhile.” Laura shrugged. But even as she said the words, she found herself second-guessing them, just like how she was kicking herself the night before for not saying goodbye to Aidan before he left.

Truth was, she wouldn’t have minded getting to know him better. He was cute and he knew how to apologise. A guy had to be more than that of course, but this was a promising start. And not everything had to be about dating.

She cleared her throat. “Besides, he’s pretty fresh out of a long-term relationship, so you know, it wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway.”

Her friends accepted her answer, and it surprised her how disappointing that was. The conversation about Aidan was over and it killed her a bit to let it go. But it would be weird to bring him up again now.

“So, Ness, what’s the goss you wanted to tell us?” As nonchalantly as she could, Laura reached for a ladyfinger.

She bumped Bec’s wine glass on the way, but just as it looked like they’d have another spill situation, Vanessa’s left hand shot out and caught the glass.

Laura’s belly did a flip-flop when she saw. How did she not notice her friend’s new bling before? A mix of feelings rushed at her as she put on her best happy-for-you smile she could muster.

“Ladies, Josh proposed last night. I’m getting married!”

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Five love languages for saying how you feel

Today, I want to talk about sweet ways to say "I love you", based on the five love languages. After last week's bah humbug about Valentine's Day, I felt I should share something a little lovey-dovey so I don't sound like a total romance scrooge 😅

Telling someone you care isn't just about you stating your position or expressing your feelings. You want to make sure your intent comes across loud and clear. So the theory goes, your partner is more likely to get the message — like, really get it — if you translate your loving feelings into their love language.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Friday, February 12, 2021

Thinking about Valentine's Day

If everyone in the world was given one holiday to "bah humbug" about, mine would be Valentine's Day.

Admittedly, it may be a little odd for a romance writer to be so not up for this day, but love (to me) is an everyday thing. Love is the canvas upon which we paint our relationship, and true romance is what we call the picture. It's not a day that needs gifts and sweet red branding.

That said, I do appreciate the practicality of Valentine's, especially when two people each live lives so busy and demanding, they need a validated, mandated, commercially sanctioned day — aka. permission — to focus on each other.

For example, the pressure to "be romantic on this day" puts forward a strong argument against a bah-humbug boss wanting you to work overtime instead of spending the evening with your loved one. (I'm thankful to have never worked for anyone I've needed to make that kind of argument with.)

Maybe most of us don't need an excuse to prioritise love, but some people may have some people around them who'll insist they do. This special day — heck, any special day — makes an argument for our humanity.

This year my partner and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day like we do any other Sunday — with a little sunshine, a little sport, and our own everyday kind of romance.

What do you think about Valentine's Day? How will you celebrate this weekend?

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Remember Me — an interview with Vida Li Sik

Last year, I had the pleasure of beta reading Vida Li Sik's latest sweet romance novella, "Remember Me". It's an emotional story about a young love cut short by interfering family.

While the romance was adorable, it was the protagonist's dynamic with her mother that really intrigued me. Vida wrote such a great, intense "villain", I just had to find out more about the inspiration for this book. Here's the interview...

Monday, February 8, 2021

Friday, February 5, 2021

Goals for Feb 2021

This month, I'm applying the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.

My January goals went mostly okay, but too many sit-down-at-my-desk tasks prompted me to throw the paperback work out the window. It's just so hard to sit still and focus in the summer, when it's warm and so nice outside.

Anyway, February will be low-key and simple. But first, here's how January went:
  1. Work on the paperback edition of "The Guy From The Internet"
  2. Stick to my blog schedule of at least two posts per week
  3. Announce this weekend's super special promo on my Facebook page (if you got this month's newsletter, you'll already know what it is!)

My goals for February

Just one job to do. That means it'll get done, right?
  1. Work on the paperback of The Guy From The Internet
What are your goals for this month?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Perth is back in lockdown (but it's only for 5 days)

Welly well, we are back in a 5-day full lockdown, and it's been so heartening to see people in my various social networks banding together, checking in, having a laugh. The panic-shoppers can go jump in the river and keep their masks on, of course, but everyone else is being rather nice.

I'm glad the WA state gov is doing this so swiftly after observing just one local case of the UK strain. (And how I dislike calling it the "UK strain". I'm sorry, UK friends, I hope it's not rude or offensive that we're all using that term down here!)

My big worry was that after 10 months of being almost back to "normal", we've become complacent. And that's not me being judgey, I promise. I myself have slipped back into sharing drinks with people I'm close to outside my household bubble, which is very much a no-no. Well, no more of that now! What's happening this week feels like a kick up the bum to stay vigilant and look out for each other.

How are you doing? What's the weather like in your part of the world? How about in your household?

Monday, February 1, 2021

"The Guy from the Internet" is now available on Kindle Unlimited

"The Guy from the Internet" is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Enjoy this Australian sweet romance novella from the comfort of your all-you-can-eat KU subscription.

Read it now

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"The Guy from the Internet" is now available on Kindle Unlimited

"The Guy from the Internet" is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy this Australian sweet romance novella from the comfort of ...