Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Perth is back in lockdown (but it's only for 5 days)

Welly well, we are back in a 5-day full lockdown, and it's been so heartening to see people in my various social networks banding together, checking in, having a laugh. The panic-shoppers can go jump in the river and keep their masks on, of course, but everyone else is being rather nice.

I'm glad the WA state gov is doing this so swiftly after observing just one local case of the UK strain. (And how I dislike calling it the "UK strain". I'm sorry, UK friends, I hope it's not rude or offensive that we're all using that term down here!)

My big worry was that after 10 months of being almost back to "normal", we've become complacent. And that's not me being judgey, I promise. I myself have slipped back into sharing drinks with people I'm close to outside my household bubble, which is very much a no-no. Well, no more of that now! What's happening this week feels like a kick up the bum to stay vigilant and look out for each other.

How are you doing? What's the weather like in your part of the world? How about in your household?

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