Friday, February 12, 2021

Thinking about Valentine's Day

If everyone in the world was given one holiday to "bah humbug" about, mine would be Valentine's Day.

Admittedly, it may be a little odd for a romance writer to be so not up for this day, but love (to me) is an everyday thing. Love is the canvas upon which we paint our relationship, and true romance is what we call the picture. It's not a day that needs gifts and sweet red branding.

That said, I do appreciate the practicality of Valentine's, especially when two people each live lives so busy and demanding, they need a validated, mandated, commercially sanctioned day — aka. permission — to focus on each other.

For example, the pressure to "be romantic on this day" puts forward a strong argument against a bah-humbug boss wanting you to work overtime instead of spending the evening with your loved one. (I'm thankful to have never worked for anyone I've needed to make that kind of argument with.)

Maybe most of us don't need an excuse to prioritise love, but some people may have some people around them who'll insist they do. This special day — heck, any special day — makes an argument for our humanity.

This year my partner and I will be celebrating Valentine's Day like we do any other Sunday — with a little sunshine, a little sport, and our own everyday kind of romance.

What do you think about Valentine's Day? How will you celebrate this weekend?

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