Friday, July 16, 2021

My perfect weekend getaway (a staycation)

For all intents and purposes, we are homebound at the moment. Not housebound — we're very much out and about within our city's COVID-safe rules. But between work commitments, life commitments, "being good" spending and "being good" saving, we have no plans to leave town anytime soon.

We are, however, doing the responsible thing and getting vaccinated this month, and have decided to preempt the appropriate immune response symptoms with a mid-week getaway homeaway staycation 😎

So, under conditions like these, what would make a perfect weekend holiday? Here's what I reckon:

Camping on the couch
This is nothing like actual camping — not even close. What this looks like on a cold Perth July day is two cosy bods cocooned in all the quilts and blankets you can find around the house. It can be wonderfully romantic if you want, or simply the perfect way to keep warm and enjoy the winter vibes.

Movie marathon
Streaming on-demand video more than makes up for the demise of the video store around the corner. Back in the day, you'd get a 5 for $10 weekend special. Now it's an endless selection on Netflix/Stan/BritBox/Prime, whether it's movies or a good old-fashioned series bingewatch. My favourite "couples viewing" is a hilarious comedy or suspenseful drama.

Games and puzzles
I'm a nerd and definitely not ashamed of it. Multiplayer games are a hilarious (if, at times, frustrating) opportunity to work and strategise together towards a common goal, aka. an awesome bonding experience for partners who thrive on collaborating with each other. If you need a break from tech, grab a jigsaw puzzle, crossword or Sudoku sheet.

Snacks, all the snacks
Sweet, savoury, healthy, indulgent — it doesn't matter. When you're staycationing at home, you need sustenance. Some people like preparing finger foods in advance (eg. biscuits, sandwiches, bars, balls, etc.), but we're fond of gathering simple ingredients and assembling them on the spot (eg. cheese board, mini-wraps, etc.).

A little body-moving
This last one may be contentious, but I count exercise as a leisure activity. Forget "toning up" or "losing weight", this one's all about feeling good. Get blood flowing and oxygen to the brain, then feel great when you sit back and relax again 😄

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