Friday, July 30, 2021

WIP sneak peek: "The Guy from the Library"

I've been working on The Guy from the Library, the next short story in the Somerville Stories collection. The creative process stalled for a long time late last year/early this year. Work and life got hectic and anything Somerville-related took a back seat.

But I have a little excerpt to share with you today. It's from the unedited and still-going first draft, so please excuse any typos and errors. They should be ironed out by the time this is ready for publish. I hope you like it!
Andrea froze. Never in her life had she asked for a guy's number. Especially for a guy she'd only just met.

But this wasn't the same thing, was it? For starters, she wasn't asking for a phone number in that way, and neither was he. This was purely about the dog. She had no reason to feel shy about this. She bit her tongue and vowed not to make a big deal of this very simple exchange.

Still, she fumbled her phone when she handed it to him. Jackson caught it deftly in one hand and she couldn't help but stare at the intricately woven red, yellow and black threads of his bracelet while he typed out his number.
Stay tuned for more news about The Guy from the Library.

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