Friday, October 15, 2021

There's room in the world for a HEA

You don't need me to tell you that the world is in some trying times. You also don't need me to tell you that even before the dark days of 2020 many peoples all over the world were already facing some form of crisis.

But this year in particular, I'm finding unusually significant solace in romance books and wholesome TV. Maybe it's a byproduct of getting older and seeing/experiencing more of the unpleasant (lol understatement) things the world has to offer, but HEAs (Happily Ever Afters) have never proved their worth so convincingly as they do right now.

Sometimes it's not the point that life is difficult right now, because things could just as swiftly and suddenly turn a corner. Even if they're unrealistic — as romances are so often described — HEAs bring about a happier, more optimistic state of mind. One that reminds us to count our blessings, be grateful for those who love us, and that there's always a way to work through our challenges.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Giveaway: Clean & wholesome romance — ends 15 Oct!

Who doesn't love free books? You'll find at least a couple in this clean & wholesome romance giveaway. Closes 15 October.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You — Khalil Fong

Is it weird to be in love with a song cover? Khalil Fong's version of "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" is breathing life into my writing playlist today 💙

Monday, October 4, 2021

Book Fair: Sweet romance, mystery and suspense on KU

Browse the Autumn Readathon book fair on StoryOrigin for sweet romance, mystery and suspense reads available now on Kindle Unlimited!

Friday, October 1, 2021

The Best Bit: Christmas in July by Enni Amanda

The verdict is in: Reading Christmas in July in August did not diminish the quality of this book. In fact, August was very cold here in Perth and I very much enjoyed shivering in my living room while pouring through this Enni Amanda novella.

Christmas in July is a sweet and slightly sensual snowed-in romance, set in the highlands of New Zealand's South Island. For anyone unfamiliar with life down under, Christmas in July is an actual Australian and New Zealand "custom", where we invoke a little Northern hemisphere cheer during our coldest months.

For Riley and Jonas, it's a case of unlucky (or very lucky) timing, as they seek shelter in a mountain cabin just before a snowstorm hits. Here's the lowdown...

Christmas in July

by Enni Amanda

Can you find the Christmas spirit in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

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But she does have her streaming channel, where she broadcasts her art from her one-bedroom Mount Lawley apartment. And she has that guy from France... assuming he's even who he says he is.

The Guy From The Internet is a sweet #OwnVoices Asian-Australian romance novella, set in the world of Somerville Downs.

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