About Me

Birdie Song is an Asian-Australian romantic who writes sweet stories about people falling in love. She believes love is more important than labels, integrity is our most attractive quality, and that no one should be judged for putting pineapple on a pizza.

But you already knew that, so here are 10 random facts as well:
  1. I live in Perth, Western Australia
  2. I match my coffee to my mood (just no dairy, please!)
  3. I prefer my fiction in digital format, because it's easier to carry
  4. I don't mind wearing worn clothes; shopping isn't my idea of fun
  5. My glass is both half-full and half-empty
  6. I used to collect stamps; now I collect cat hair 😐
  7. Christmas is my favourite holiday
  8. I wish boot-cut jeans would come back in style
  9. My favourite part about writing is getting to learn new things
  10. I LOVE pineapple on a pizza 🍕

Right now I'm working on:

"The Guy From The Library"

A sweet contemporary short story about a meet-cute leading to a first date.

"The Guy From The Wedding"

A sweet contemporary romance about two jaded individuals finding honesty and healing as their romance blossoms. Follow the first draft right here, available for a limited time.

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